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Privacy Policy

Version#: 0.1 (Last Modified: Thursday, October 31, 2013)
This privacy policy (this "Policy") describes our ("our," "we," or "us") privacy practices and applies to our website (the "Website"). The Website includes all websites, webpages, products, and services offered by or through our website.

1. Changes. We may change this Policy from time to time in our sole discretion. Accordingly, we encourage you to review this Policy periodically. We reserve the right (but we are not required) to post a notice on the Website or send you a notice via email or any other delivery method of any such change to this Policy. The most current version of this Policy will be linked on the home page of the Website. If you continue to use the Website after we change this Policy, then you accept all such changes.

2. Information Collection. We collect information about you in two ways: (1) when you give the information to us or our licensors or when you give us or our licensors permission to obtain the information and (2) when you access and/or use the Website. All information that we and our licensors collect about you is defined as "Collected Information."

2.1 Examples. The following list, which is not meant to be exhaustive, provides examples of when we and our licensors obtain Collected Information and the type of Collected Information obtained:

(a) When establishing and maintaining your account, which may result in our and our licensors obtaining your email address, your personal name, your username, and your other registration information;

(b) When providing you access to, and use of, the Website through a personal computer or other device, which may result in our obtaining the following automatically recorded information (collectively the "Log Data"): (1) your Internet Protocol address, (2) the address of the web page you were visiting before you came to the Website, (3) your browser type and settings, (4) the date and time of any request you make to the Website, (5) how you used the Website during your visit, (6) your type of personal computer or other device, (7) the operating system and other software on your personal computer or other device, (8) your geo-coordinates and other location data and geo-targeting data, and (9) other information provided by tracking technologies, such as cookies (as described in more detail in Section 6); or

(c) When contacting you regarding the Website, when reviewing or processing information you submit for or through the Website, or when reviewing or processing your request for a product or service offered by or through the Website, which, in any such case, may result in our obtaining information that you disclose or submit.

2.2 Categories. All Collected Information falls into one of two categories: (1) "Identifiable Information" or (2) "Unlimited-Use Information." Identifiable Information is limited to information that can be used to specifically identify you. Unlimited-Use Information is all Collected Information other than Identifiable Information.

(a) Examples of Identifiable Information include the following information: (1) jobsite addresses, (2) names of potential building purchasers, (3) your personal name, (4) your mailing addresses, (5) your phone numbers, (6) your email addresses, (7) your IP addresses, and (8) your billing information.

(b) Examples of Unlimited-Use Information include the following information: (1) configuration data, including geometry, loads, framing, bracing, sheeting and trim, and accessories, (2) cookie information, pixel tag information, and other digital behavior about you, (3) the pages you request or visit, (4) the frequency of your requests or visits, (5) your search terms, (6) your public profile and your public information associated with the Website (whether used on a general forum or general portion of the Website or used on a private forum or private portion of the Website), (7) your User Submissions (as such term is defined and described in the Terms of Use), (8) your geo-coordinates and other location data, (9) your Log Data not included in (2) through (8) above, and (10) all Identifiable Information that has been de-identified (meaning that no single person or entity can be identified by such de-identified information).

2.3 Choices. You may have choices about what information is provided to us when you access and use the Website. These choices may relate to settings made available by the Website and may relate to settings made available by your personal computer, other devices, and/or software. For more detail about these choices, please refer to your account settings on the Website and information provided by the manufacturers of your personal computer, other devices, and/or software. In addition, if you participate in portions of the Website that are intended for a targeted group or are private (meaning they are not available to all users of the Website), please be aware that other users of such portions may choose to make the content of such portions available to anyone else, and you should have no expectation of privacy with respect to such other users despite the private nature of such portions.

3. Usage and Disclosure.

3.1 Identifiable Information.

(a) We may use Identifiable Information (including your email addresses, phone numbers, and unique identifiers) to send you updates and promotional/advertising materials relating to the Website and the products and services of our affiliates, business partners, or licensors or to otherwise target specific services or offers to you. If you want to stop receiving promotional/advertising materials from us, then you should update your account settings on the Website.

(b) We may use Identifiable Information to respond to your questions or comments.

(c) We may use Identifiable Information to customize content on the Website, to make the Website better, to improve the Website's functionality, and to develop new products and updates.

(d) We may use Identifiable Information in combination with Unlimited-Use Information.

(e) We may use Identifiable Information when we have your consent, which includes sharing your information with other services when you have chosen to link your account or Website account to those other services or publish your activity on the Website to those other services.

(f) We may use Identifiable Information to perform certain analytics to gain information about the markets we, you, and our licensors serve.

(g) We may share Identifiable Information with our parents, subsidiaries, sister companies, and licensors.

(h) We may share Identifiable Information with third parties that assist with the Website. These third parties are not authorized to retain, share, store, or use Identifiable Information for any purposes other than as instructed by us.

(i) We may share Identifiable Information if we believe that sharing Identifiable Information is reasonably necessary in order to (1) protect or defend the legal rights, property, safety, or security of us, anyone else, or the public, (2) protect or defend against, or otherwise address, fraud, security, or technical issues, (3) risk management purposes, (4) comply with a law, regulation, legal request, legal process, legal requirement, judicial proceeding, or court order, or (5) investigate a possible crime, such as fraud or identity theft. We may also share Identifiable Information in connection with the (actual or potential) sale, purchase, acquisition, merger, reorganization, bankruptcy, liquidation, dissolution, or similar transaction or proceeding of or involving us.

(j) We reserve the right to de-identify the Identifiable Information for any and all purposes.

(k) Except as described in, or permitted by, this Policy, we will obtain your permission before we share Identifiable Information with third parties.

3.2 Unlimited-Use Information. We are permitted to use and share, without restriction or limitation, all Unlimited-Use Information (including Identifiable Information that has been de-identified) in our sole discretion. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing sentence, we reserve the right to use, distribute, edit, display, archive, publish, sublicense, perform, reproduce, make available, transmit, broadcast, sell, repurpose, translate, aggregate, and create derivative works of the Unlimited-Use Information for any and all purposes. In addition, we may use Unlimited-Use Information (1) to monitor, maintain, and improve the functionality of the Website, (2) to make the Website more responsive to the needs of the visitors and users of the Website, (3) to improve your experience on the Website and with respect to the Website, (4) for historical, statistical, scientific, demographic, geographic, and other purposes, (5) responding to surveys or seeking responses to surveys, and (6) for informing others, including our licensors of the use of the Website.

4. Third Parties. We are not responsible for any information that you disclose to any third party by or through the Website, even if such disclosure is facilitated through the Website.

5. Security. We take reasonable precautions to protect Identifiable Information and have put in place certain processes and procedures to prevent unauthorized access of Identifiable Information. Unfortunately, there is always a potential risk in sending information through any channel or retaining information on any storage device, and we cannot guarantee that communications between you and us (or our licensors) or information stored on our resources or on our licensors' resources, including Identifiable Information, will be free from unauthorized access by third parties. We will not be held responsible (1) for any unauthorized access or illegal or unauthorized use of information, including Identifiable Information, or (2) if your information, including Identifiable Information, is accessed through unauthorized or improper use of your account or login information or due to your failure to secure your username, password, or customer ID.

6. Tracking Technologies. Like many websites, we and our licensors use technologies, such as cookies and pixel tags, that allow us and our licensors to make your visit to the Website easier, more efficient, and more valuable by providing you with a customized experience and recognizing you when you return.

6.1 Cookies. A cookie is a small data file transferred by a website to your computer's hard drive. The Website sends cookies when (among other occasions) you visit, make a purchase, request or personalize information, or register yourself for the Website. A cookie cannot read personal data off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other websites; the only Identifiable Information a cookie can contain is information you supply yourself. Accepting the cookies used on the Website may give us and our licensors access to information about your browsing behavior, which we and our licensors may use to personalize your experience and track user traffic patterns. We and our licensors do this in order to determine the usefulness of the Website and to see how effective our navigational structure is in helping users reach that information. Some Website functionality may be lost by disabling cookies on your computer. When we or our licensors use a cookie, we and our licensors may use session cookies (that is, cookies that last until you close your browser) or persistent cookies (that is, cookies that last until you or your browser delete them).

6.2 Pixel Tags. A pixel tag, also known as a clear GIF or web beacon, is an invisible tag placed on certain pages of the Website but not on your computer. When you access these pages, pixel tags generate a generic notice to us of that visit. They usually work in conjunction with cookies, registering when a particular computer visits a particular page. If you turn off cookies, the pixel tag will simply detect an anonymous Website visit.

6.3 Customized Links. We and our licensors may also use customized links or other similar technologies to track email links that you click. We and our licensors may associate that information with information you have provided in order to provide you more focused communications or product and service related information.

6.4 Disabling. If you prefer not to receive cookies, you can set your browser to warn you before your browser accepts cookies or refuse the cookie when your browser alerts you to the cookie's presence. You can also refuse all cookies by turning them off in your browser.

7. Children's Information. The Website is not directed to children under 13. If you learn that your minor child has provided us with Identifiable Information without your consent, please contact us.

8. Consent. You consent to have your personal data, including your Identifiable Information, used and stored wherever we do business, including countries outside your own.

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